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Vinyl VCR Cover   (Protects VCR against dust and spills. One size fits all.)
CD.LD Lens Cleaner   (Protects CD players' optical head for quality sound.)
Audio Cables   (RCA connector type audio cables; 4 plugs.)
CD/DVD Cases   (3 Super slim storage cases; the space of standard boxes.)


Monitor Copy Clip   (Single arm type attaches to either side of monitor.)
Monitor Copy Clip   (Attaches to either side of computer monitor. Pivot type.)
Mouse Pad   (Blue, curved and sturdy design, unlike regular foam pads.)
Mouse Pad   (King size sturdy design: measures 9.5" x 10".)
Printer Cover   (Protect your printer from dust, dirt, and spills.)

Gifts / Home:

Picture Frame   (Rectangular frame: 10 x 15 cm., apprx. 4 x 6 in.)
Picture Frame   (Square picture frame, 12 x 12 cm., apprx. 5 x 5 in.)


Jigsaw Puzzle   (Brownsville, Vermont - 500 pcs.)
Jigsaw Puzzle   (Grand Teton National Park - 500pcs.)

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