ALLEN, Lewis

Director - film & television

Born, 25 December 1905
Oakengates, Telford, Shropshire, UK
† 3 May 2000
Santa Monica, California, USA.

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[ 1940's to 1970's ]

  • "Little House on the Prairie" (1974) TV Series (episode "Doctor's Lady (1975)") ... aka "Little House: A New Beginning" (1982) (last season title)
  • "Griff" (1973) TV Series
  • "Cannon" (1971) TV Series
  • "Dan August" (1970) TV Series
  • "Invaders, The" (1967) TV Series (episode "Pit, The (1968)") (episode "Ransom, The (1967)")
  • "Mission: Impossible" (1966) TV Series (episode "Tod-5", "The Puppet" and "The Pendulum") (episode "Trial, The")
  • "Big Valley, The" (1965) TV Series (one episode)
  • "Court Martial" (1964) TV Series
  • "Rogues, The" (1964) TV Series
  • Decision at Midnight (1963)
  • "Fugitive, The" (1963) TV Series (2 episodes)
  • "Dick Powell Show, The" (1961) TV Series ... aka "Dick Powell Theatre, The" (1963) (new title)
  • "Barbara Stanwyck Show, The" (1960) TV Series
  • Whirlpool (1959)
  • "Bonanza" (1959) TV Series (episode "Alias Joe Cartwright") (episode "Blind Hunch") (episode "Blood Line, The") (episode "Clarion, The") (episode "Clarissa") (episode "Colonel, The") (episode "Dark Star") (episode "Deck of Aces, A") (episode "Desert Justice") (episode "Elizabeth, My Love") (episode "Fallen Woman") (episode "Fear Merchants, The") (episode "Fence, The") (episode "Five Candles") (episode "Frenzy") (episode "Fugitive, The") (episode "Gabrielle") (episode "Guilty, The") (episode "Honest John") (episode "House Divided") (episode "Imposters, The") (episode "Inger, My Love") (episode "Journey to Terror") (episode "Justice") (episode "Last Trophy, The") (episode "Little Man -- Ten Feet Tall") (episode "Long Way to Ogden") (episode "Marie, My Love") (episode "Medal, The") (episode "Mirror of a Man") (episode "One Ace Too Many") (episode "Outcast, The") (episode "Rain from Heaven") (episode "Rich Man, Poor Man") (episode "Riot!") (episode "Second Sight") (episode "Severe Case of Matrimony, A") (episode "Showdown") (episode "Storm, The") (episode "Stranger Passed This Way, A") (episode "Thunder Man, The") (episode "Tin Badge, The") (episode "Witness, The") ... aka "Ponderosa" (1972) (USA: rerun title)
  • "Rifleman, The" (1958) TV Series
  • Another Time, Another Place (1958)
  • "Telephone Time" (1956) TV Series (episode Grandpa Changes the World)
  • Illegal (1955)
  • "20th Century-Fox Hour, The" (1955) TV Series (episode "Cavalcade (aka Heart of a Woman)") (episode "Child of the Regiment") (episode "End of a Gun") (episode "Gun in His Hand") (episode "Last Patriarch, The") (episode "Man on the Ledge") (episode "Marriage Broker, The") (episode "Men in Her Life") (episode "Springfield Incident (aka Young Man from Kentucky)") (episode "Stranger in the Night") ... aka "Fox Hour of Stars" (1955) (USA: new title)
  • "Screen Directors Playhouse" (1955) TV Series (episode "Every Man Had Two Wives")
  • Bullet for Joey, A (1955)
  • "Meet Corliss Archer" (1954) TV Series ... aka "Here's Corliss Archer" (2000) (USA: video title)
  • Suddenly (1954)
  • At Sword's Point (1952) ... aka Sons of the Musketeers (1952) (UK)
  • Appointment with Danger (1951)
  • Valentino (1951) ... aka Valentino As I Knew Him (1951) (USA)
  • Chicago Deadline (1949)
  • Sealed Verdict (1948)
  • So Evil My Love (1948)
  • Desert Fury (1947)
  • Imperfect Lady, The (1947) ... aka Mrs. Loring's Secret (1947) (UK) ... aka They Met at Midnight (1947) (USA)
  • Perfect Marriage, The (1947)
  • Unseen, The (1945)
  • Those Endearing Young Charms (1945)
  • Uninvited, The (1944)
  • Our Hearts Were Young and Gay (1944)
  • Freedom Comes High (1943) Information above is copyrighted by International Movie database and can be found at
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