THE PASSION OF THE CHRIST produced & directed by   Mel Gibson

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The film was a labor of love in which Gibson ably brings to the cinematic screen, perhaps for the first time, the traditional and intense stations of the cross that Catholic and Orthodox Christians have been celebrating and reenacting in liturgical services, processions and religious theatre throughout the world at Easter time for almost 2000 years.
As is customary among artists of all times, Gibson takes artistic liberty, which is not a bad thing in itself but rather is a reflection of the times in which the particular artist lives. True Christian art however must always be in harmony with the faith's doctrines. Thus, Gibson's film truly moves the spectator towards an understanding of three fundamental Christian beliefs:
  • that Jesus was true man and true God;
  • that God's salvific plan of love was to redeem all men through Jesus and recapitulate all things in Christ;
  • that Jesus Christ was obedient to His Father's will and suffered the Passion and death on the cross to redeem mankind, bringing humankind back to God the Father, and liberating them from sin and Satan's deceptions.
    The film is rated R for the intrinsic violence present throughout the film. However, the intense scenes carry the spectator to a higher level of understanding of Christ's suffering and total sacrifice. We agree with the Motion Picture Association's rating and do not recommend this film for children. However, we do highly recommend this film for adults, strongly encouraging them to view it. A must see film.
    review by M. G. Maresca, Corpus Domini-June 2004 ©2004 Mario G. Maresca

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