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Dreams - Yume  (1990) directed by Akira Kurosawa


directed by Akira Kurosawa

Dreams - Yume   directed by Akira Kurosawa

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Dreams (Konna yume wo mita) is one of the last films directed by Akira Kurosawa, preceding Rhapsody in August (1991) and Madadayo (1993). When the great Japanese film director shot Dreams, he was 80 years old.

The film not only is a reflection of the director's maturity and wisdom, it is proof of Kurosawa's vitality, and serves as a personal testament, a poem praising life and admonishing the forces which destroy the harmony of life, the enviornment and nature.

Kurosawa touches upon the innocence of youth, children's love of nature, the profound spirit of survival in man, the spiritual havoc and ravages of war and reckless industrial development, the hell reserved for the greedy, and the peaceful serenity, simplicty and joy of a village whose people live in total harmony with nature.
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