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Unstrung Heroes (1995) directed by Diane Keaton

Unstrung Heroes

directed by Diane Keaton

Unstrung Heroes   directed by Diane Keaton

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Unstrung Heroes is a beautiful movie about faith, and is based on a true story written by Franz Lidz. A heartwarming film in which we witness the faith of the so-called "foolish", and where love and memories lead a father and son to the house of God.

For those who remember Diane Keaton's performances in Woody Allen's films, Sleeper and Love and Death, you may recall how the questions of faith in God, the role of science, and the reality of death were poorly addressed. But now that Diane Keaton is behind the camera, she does a great job of tackling the same issues from a different prespective.

A family is suffering the pain of mom's (Andie MacDowell) slow death from cancer. The father (John Torturo), an empiricist who believes in science and nothing else, battles against the disease consuming his wife, and the direction his little son takes after moving in with his eccentric uncles, brilliantly played by Maury Chaykin and Michael Richards ( Kramer from TV's Seinfeld). The uncles instill in their nephew (Nathan Watt) belief in God, teach him about the poetry of people's memories, and the importance of their own Jewish faith.

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