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Die Katakomben von Rom

| Le Catacombe di Roma | Las Catacumbas de Rome | The Catacombs of Rome |

Die Katakomben von Rom

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The Catacombs of Rome

A unique voyage within a hidden world
where the voices of the early Christians
can still be heard today

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Catacombs     The Catacombs of Rome is a 42 minute film documentary which explores the fascinating world of the ancient Christian catacombs.

Filmed in 16mm color by award winning cinematographer Tonino Nardi, and directed by Mario Maresca, the documentary takes you on a journey into the most far reaching and unknown corners of the Christian catacombs. You will travel the extensive underground tunnels and witness the extraordinary sites of antiquity which have survived for nearly 2000 years!

The film deals with a variety of subjects including archeology, art, history and the Christian faith.You will discover a rich culture and be moved by the unique spiritual testimony of the early Christians of Rome.

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. . . as the world celebrates 2000 years of the coming of Jesus Christ!

The film will be very enriching to you personally, as well as informative and entertaining. It is ideal for the family, friends, church and religious communities. A great learning experience for the classroom; schools and students will find it an excellent resource. The film offers retreat centers and youth groups a profound and lasting message.

The video will serve as an excellent preparation for those who plan to travel to Rome for the Jubilee year, while for those who will not visit the Eternal City, the documentary's itinerary will certainly fill the void. Whatever the case may be, the film is a must for your video library, especially if you are interested in Christian films.

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