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III. Film & Video Script Translation

It is worth your time to contact us.

Our Script Translations are very carefully prepared. We strive for intercultural communicability without sacrificing the content and spirit of the original work.

We translate English language films, documentaries, and audiovisual programs into Italian, and Italian films, documentaries, and audiovisual programs into English.

Our rates are very competitive.

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    Note on Script Translations

    We guarantee to put your script through our Promo Script Process which leaves no "stones unturned" in trying to find the right words to compliment the film's images, frame by frame.

    We know how important continuity, synchronization, and timing can be at the editing table, and we never sacrifice style for words or vice versa. Our translated scripts come out neat, smooth and fully in synch with the original film.

    We also place extreme attention to overcoming "cultural" barriers. We seek an intelligent rendition of the original script. The task we set out to accomplish? Write a clear and fluid narration, creating a poetical bridge between the two different cultures. Find the ways to allow the original film to speak to the culture to which it is attempting to communicate.

    Contact us about your project at:

    Ars Mar Film
    Box 148
    Westfield, VT. 05874 (USA)

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