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II. Film & Video Post-Production

It is worth your time to contact us.

Our rates are very competitive and we do not charge a commission.
The prices listed below represent a complete package and include the entire edition process: script translation, contracting performers, sound studio costs, dubbing and final soundtrack mix:

We provide you with a concise FREE ESTIMATE.
Simply send us the Script or a video copy of the film in vhs, s-vhs or ¾ inch U-Matic.

Do not hesitate to contact us with any questions or information you may need.

Ars Mar Film
Box 148
Westfield, VT. 05874 (USA)

or E-mail us at:

A Note on the Dubbing Process

We provide a comprehensive and complete post-production service that includes script translation, dubbing sessions, and final mix.

Dubbing is the norm for films or video programs being distributed in Italian. For over fifty years, Italy has been dubbing English films and have mastered the art.

Italian speakers are very gifted. They have a great sense of timing, and are quite intelligent and perspicacious in the sound room during dubbing sessions.

For Italian films being distributed in English, subtitles are the norm. However we urge Italian filmakers to dub their films in English. It would render their film productions more marketable and benefit viewers by offering them the total film experience.

Subtitles usually distract the viewer's perception of the images. In addition, subtitles tend to be expedient with words, so you often do not get the complete message. Film is not a fragmentary art form. By its very nature it tends to unify all the independent elements into a unified structure.

Subtitling is necessary in many cases but dubbing often seems more appropriate because it serves film's communicative purpose and offers the spectator a more enjoyable atmosphere with which to absorb the fullness of the cinematic art form.

Contact us about your project at:

Ars Mar Film
Box 148
Westfield, VT. 05874 (USA)

E-mail us at:


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