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I. Film & Video Production

Why not talk to us? It will be worth your time.

We provide assistance and/or consultation from start to finish. We can help research your subject, prepare the script and/or storyboard, organize the production schedule and manage the actual film production. If your project calls for shooting on location in Italy or parts of Europe, we offer consultation which may help avoid uneccessary expenditures and headaches, while keeping your production here in the United States.

Upon request, we provide a Production Analysis Report & Estimate, which breaks down your script into an efficient Production Board Schedule and offers a detailed estimate of costs. You may use the report and production board if you choose another production company or shoot the film independently. The consultation fee for this service ranges from $300 to $500 and is based upon the script you submit for analysis. The script however must be complete or near its final draft; the text should be at least 90% complete. Depending on the complexity of the production and the contacts to be made, the report may require up to three weeks. Our fees are competitive. We do not charge a commission and our assistant production managers (limited to a maximum of four, if needed) work on a per diem basis. We reserve the right to turn down film & video projects which have immoral or vulgar content.

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Catacombs of Rome
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